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The Celebrations Directory is designed to have Small Group Ministry/Covenant Group materials available throughout the year, and for special occasions.

For accessibility, the Celebrations Directory can be sorted similarly to the general Directory, such as title, source, topic. In the Celebrations Directory, the Topic indicated the Celebration. Please refer to the Celebration Description table that gives information about:

Time when the celebration occurs, from specific dates to ranges of time (Easter) or variations throughout the year.
The origin or source of the Celebration
Notations related to the arrangement of the material or the specific Celebration.

Sessions will be added as received. New Celebrations (Flower Communion, Water Ceremony, ceremonies from other religions, for example) will be added to the Celebrations Description.

Celebration Date Source/Origin Notes
New Year 01. Jan. 1 Secular
Imbolc 02. Feb. 1 Earth-based
Spring Equinox 03. Mar. 20 Earth-based
Easter 03. Mar. 22 to 04. April 25 West, varies Christian Eastern dates differ. Includes Lent
Passover 03. Mar. to 04. Apr., varies Jewish
April Fools Day 04. April 1 Christian
Earth Day 04. April 22, usually Secular
Summer 05. May to 08. August

Father's Day 06. June 3rd Sun. Secular
Fall 10. Oct. to 11. Nov. Varied Samhain (Halloween), All Saints and All Souls, Mexican Day of the Dead)
All Souls Day 11. Nov. 2 Christian Also included in Fall
Thanksgiving 11. Nov. 4th Thurs. Secular
Hanakah (various spellings 11. Nov. or 12. Dec. Jewish
Winter Solstice 12. Dec. 20 to 23 Earth-based
Christmas 12. Dec. 25 Christian Includes Advent
Winter Holidays 12. Dec. and 01. Jan Varied Halloween/Samhaim to NY
Child Dedication As needed Christian
Blessing of Animals As needed Christian

Seasonal sessions
Winter Solstice.Wheel of the Year and the Future Augusta, ME
Winter Solstice

Dates: red - added in last 2 months green - added in last 6 months blue - added in last year
 Title  Date  Source: Congregation or name  Topic

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