Advent (11.2008) 12/17/08Zidowecki, Rev. HelenChristmas (Advent)
All Souls Day 09/08/14Devon, PAAll Souls Day
Another New Year 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)New Year
April Fools Day (4.2013) 11/26/13Portland, ME/Allen Ave. (Katrina VanBrugh)April Fools Day
Brand New/Age Old 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)New Year
Child Dedication (3 sessions) (2014) 04/21/14Zidowecki, Rev. HelenChild Dedication
Child Dedication: Practice Circles (3 sessions) 2014 04/21/14Minneapolis, MN, First Univeralsit (Tenbrink, Rev. Elaine)Child Dedication
Christmas 01/20/15Asheville, NC (Beech, Michael)Christmas
Christmas Reflections (2003) 06/13/14Devon, PAChristmas
Christmas and Hanakkah 10/01/14Devon, PAWinter Holidays
Darkness 09/13/15Augusta, MEWinter Solstice
Dreaming a Year (2013) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)New Year
Earth Day 03/07/13Augusta, MEEarth Day
Easter.Celebrating the Egg 02/27/16Zidowecki, Rev. HelenEaster
Flower Communion (2016) 05/25/16Augusta, ME (Zidowecki, Rev. Helen)Flower Communion
Guess Who Is Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner 10/01/14Devon, PAThanksgiving
Holiday Cheer 01/20/15Devon,PAChristmas
Holiday Memories: Christmas (12.2012) 07/02/13LaCrosse, WI (Haines, Diane )Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza
Holiday Season 12/30/10Davie, FLChristmas
Holy Days of Fall 08/30/12Augusta, ME (Zidowecki, Rev. Helen)Fall
Imbolc (Awakening) Augusta, MEImbolc
Lent: Voluntary Surrender (2006) 02/02/11Freeman, Rev. Amy BowdenEaster (Lent)
Less is More 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Christmas
New Beginnings:(Fall (8.2011) 11/26/13Portland, ME/Allen Ave. (Katrina VanBrugh)Fall
New Year's & Resolutions 12/30/10Davie, FLNew Year
New Year's & Time 12/30/10Davie, FLNew Year
New Year's Resolution Dilemma (2005) 12/17/08Gross, TaraNew Year
New Years: Endings and Beginnings (1/2009) 12/17/08Zidowecki, Rev. HelenNew Year
Our Christmas Carols (2006) 12/30/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)Christmas
Passover and Freedom 12/30/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)Passover
Rising to Life: Easter (9.2011) 09/13/15Augusta, MEEaster
Rituals and Traditions (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. GlennFall/Winter Holidays
Spring (3.2016) 05/25/16Turner, Rev. GlennSpring Equinox
Spring Equinox: Yin and Yang 03/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenSpring Equinox
Summer (2014) 06/13/14Wenatchee, WA ( Siroky, Emily)Summer
Symbols of the Season: Winter Zidowecki, Rev. HelenChristmas
Taking Down the Tree 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Christmas
Tapestry for the Holidays (11.2011) 09/13/15Augusta, MEChristmas
Thanksgiving (11.2011) 09/13/15Augusta, METhanksgiving
The Blessing of the Animals (2013) 09/13/15Augusta, MEBlessing of Animals
The Christmas Story 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Christmas
Tis the Season 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Christmas
Welcoming Autumn 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)Fall
What Do You Want for Christmas? (Hanukah,etc.)2012 04/27/17Palo Alto, CA (Morgenstern, Rev. Amy Zucker)Christmas
Who's Your Daddy? 01/20/15Devon, PA (adapted from San Jose, CA)Father's Day
Winter Holidays -- Trial and Treasure (2012) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Winter Holidays
With Autumn We Turn Within (2014) 02/22/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Fall
You're In Charge of Celebrations 12/17/08Lutherville, MD (Michelle Collins)Celebrating