A Hundred Years Hence 01/25/13UUHHSWitness
A Life Souvenoir (adapted from Augusta, ME) 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Acceptance 03/21/09Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Adults Coming of Age as Unitarian Universalists (5.2011) 06/04/11Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)Life Passage
Adversity (2005) 02/02/11Atlanta, GA, North Atlanta Metro (Odom, Patty)
Adversity and Suffering 12/30/10Davie, FL
After a Tragedy (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)Situations
After A Vote 12/13/09Augusta, ME
After the Flood 01/20/15Devon, PASituations
Afterlife and Immortality 12/30/10Davie, FL
Afterlife and Immortality 08/14/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Beliefs: Death
Aggression (2010) 02/01/11Braintree, MA (Swanson, Don)
Aging 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)Multigen.
Aging 12/30/10Davie, FLLife Passages: Aging
Aging 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Life Passages: Aging
Aging (20150 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Life Passages: Aging
Airports 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Altars (2012) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Exploration
America's Original Sin (Based on book Soul Work, Skinner House ) (2005) Bowden, PeterWitness
Ancestry (Nov. 2015) 12/11/15Augusta, METheme: Ancestry
Ancestry of faith (Nov. 2015) 12/11/15Augusta, METheme: Ancestry
And, What Were You Told? (4/2009) 04/06/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Anger (2003) 06/13/14Devon, PA
Animal Friend 04/21/14Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Animals (2014) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Animals
Anticipatory Grief (double session) 12/11/15Augusta, ME (Zidowecki, Rev. Helen)Grief
Appreciation (2011) 03/15/11Eugene, OR
Are You in a State of Grace? (11/2008) 12/17/08Turner, Rev. Glenn
Are You Our New Minister? (4/2009) 04/20/09Augusta, MECongregation
Arise! 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)
Ask Me What I'm Living For (2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Asking for Help 06/13/14Devon, PA
Asking For Help 12/13/09San Jose, CA (from Turner, Glenn)
Asking For Help (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Aspects of Buddhism 12/09/14Devon, PABeliefs: Buddhism
Aspects of Hinduism 10/01/14Devon, PABeliefs: Hinduism
Aspects of Islam 12/09/14Devon, PABeliefs: Islam
Aspects of Judaism 10/01/14Devon, PABeliefs: Judaism
Aspects of Orthodox Christianity 10/01/14Devon, PABeliefs: Christianity
Atheism (2003/2009) 02/16/09Augusta, ME (from Turner, Rev. Glenn)Beliefs: Atheism
Atheism (2007) 02/02/11Leominster, MA (Suchocki Brown, Rev. Susan)Beliefs: Atheism
Atonement (9.2012) 05/18/13Philadelphia/Germantown, PABeliefs: Atonement
Atonement, Truth and Reconciliation 12/11/15Devon, PABeliefs
Attentiveness (2014) 02/22/15Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)Peace
Authenticity and Sincerity (8/2009) 08/23/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Authenticity: The Experience of Authenticity 01/02/16Iowa City, IA (Jepsen, David)Personal
Authority (10/2009) 10/31/09Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Awakening (4.2013) 05/18/13Philadelphia/Germantown, PA
Balancing Comfort and Risk: Talking Across Divides/Covenant Group session 05/18/13Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Be the Change (2008) 02/02/11SGM Institute, The MountainWitness
Be the Change (3 sessions) 10/06/15Schick, Stephen
Beach Lessons (7.2011) 11/15/11Duxbury, MA (Langer, Mary)
Beauty in our Religious and Spiritual Life 11/11/16Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
Before and After 04/21/14Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Being Alone (2008) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn (Auburn, ME)
Being Mortal (Dec.2015) 08/19/16LaCrosse, WI (Thomsen, Jan)Personal
Being With Others (2008) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn (Auburn, ME)
Belonging (10.2012) 05/18/13Philadelphia/Germantown, PA
Belonging (2009) 12/30/10Cambridge, MA (Bijur, Rev. Rebecca Benefiel)
Belonging in Community (2005) 02/02/11Iowa City, IO (Locher, Jan)Congregation
Benefits of Anonymity 08/14/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Personal
Beyond the Word God -- It's Meaning to Us (2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. GlennBeliefs: God
Bible of Other Spritual Writings, The (2007?) 12/17/08Leominster, MA (Suchocki Brown, Rev. Susan)Beliefs: Bible
Birthing a New Group 12/30/10Davie, FLGroups
Black Cards and White Lies 11/11/16Boston, MA, Sanctuary
Black Lives Matter 1: White Privilege (Jan. 2016) 03/21/16Lake Zurich, IL (Mitchell, Rev. Emily)Witness
Black Lives Matter 2: Was Jesus Privileged? (Jan. 2016) 03/21/16Lake Zurich, IL (Matz, Stephanie)Witness
Black Lives Matter 3: (Feb. 2016) 03/21/16Lake Zurich, IL (Matz, Stephanie)Witness
Black Lives Matter: I Am A Racist 03/21/16Augusta, ME (Johnsen, Rev. Carie)Witness
Black Lives Matter: Waking Up White 03/21/16Augusta, ME (Johnsen, Rev. Carie)Witness
Blessings (1/2009) 02/01/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Bodies (2102) 08/14/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Personal
Body & Soul (June 2015) 12/04/16Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)
Books (Demo session) (2014) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Exploration
Books That have Inspired Us (May 2016) 05/25/16Dayton, OH (Feltner, Rachel)Art
Bouncing Back--on Resilience (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Boundaries (2013) 09/08/14LaCrosse, WI (Haines, Diane )
Bringing Treasurers into Our Homes 2006 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Broken Open (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Bucket List (2012) 08/14/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
Bucket List (Movie Session, 2008) Bowden, PeterZH LINK GONE
Building Community. Getting Acquainted. SGM Program and Covenant Review (1.2012) 02/01/12Eugene, ORGroups
Call of Religious Community 12/30/10Davie, FL
Can UUs Talk About Evil? (2012) 04/03/12Durham, NC (Eno River)Witness
Can You Come Out and Play 12/13/09Palatine, IL (Adapted from San Jose)
Can't We Just Get Along? (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Caring 02/02/11Freeman, Rev. Amy Bowden
Caring& Covenant 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Groups
Carpet Bag 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)
Change (2013) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Personal
Change Versus Foolish Consistency (Based on book Earth Bound:Daily Meditations for All Seasons, and Questions for the Religious Journey, Skinner, 2005) Bowden, Peter
Changed by the Church? 12/09/14Devon, PA (Papa, Rev. Stephan)Congregation
Changes (Dec. 2015) 11/11/16Boston, MA, Sanctuary
Changing Through Relationships (2/2011) 03/15/11Eugene, ORLife Passage
Characteristics of God (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)Beliefs: God
Circles of Community-- Covenants & Vision 02/02/11Lutherville, MD (Michelle Collins)Groups
Circling for Freedom (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Circumstances 03/21/09NNE District (Zidowecki, Rev. Helen)Situations
Citizenship 03/03/12Davie, FLWitness
Civility 06/07/12LaCrosse, WI (Beckman, Dave)
Claiming Happiness (2008) 02/02/11SGM Institute, The Mountain
Common Things (Jan. 2017) 02/11/17Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
Common Threads 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Community (2004) 08/05/14Devon, PA
Confronting Your Bullies (6.2011) 11/26/13Portland, ME/Allen Ave. (Katrina VanBrugh)
Congregational Change (1/2009) 01/14/09Augusta, MECongregation
Connections (Nov. 2016, adapted from San Francisco) 12/04/16Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
Consumerism (2004) 10/01/14Devon, PA (Berge, Terry)
Conversing (Oct. 2015) 08/19/16LaCrosse, WI (Haines, R.)Personal
Core Values and Community (2.2012) 02/01/12Eugene, OR
Couples: Being Present Together (6.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (St. John, Ken)Couples
Couples: Conflict (6. 2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (St. John, Ken)Couples
Couples: Expressing Affection (6.2011) 10/04/11Chandler, AZ (St. John, Ken)Couples
Couples: Having Fun 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (St. John, Ken)Couples
Couples: Knowing Each Other (6.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (Nash, Janet; St. John, Ken)Couples
Couples: Learning from Failure (6.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (Nash, Janet; St. John, Ken),From Davie, FLCouples
Couples: Magic Moments: Meeting and Mating (6.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (St. John, Ken)Couples
Couples: Marriage (3.2006) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (Sweeney, Kara)Couples
Couples: Money (6.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (St. John, Ken), Augusta/PalatineCouples
Couples: Relationship Challenges (6.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (St. John, Ken), From Davie, FLCouples
Couples: Separateness & Togetherness (6.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (Nash, Janet; St. John, Ken), from TurnerCouples
Couples: The Roles We Play (J.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (St. John, Ken)Couples
Couples: Time to Commit (6.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (Dingus, Jerry)Couples
Couples: Trust (6.2011) 08/05/11Chandler, AZ (Nash, Janet; St. John, Ken)Couples
Courage (3.2013) 05/18/13Philadelphia/Germantown, PA
Courageous and Heroic Actions (2014) 09/08/14LaCrosse, WI (Haines, Diane )Witness
Covenant 12/30/10Davie, FLGroups
Covenants (4 sessions) 09/08/14Devon, PAGroups
Creating Paradise 03/01/11Freeman, Rev. Amy Bowden
Creation (5.2013) 05/18/13Philadelphia/Germantown, PA
Creativity (11.2011) 02/01/12Athens, GA (Giese, Kathy)
Creativity and Religion (2003) 06/13/14Devon, PA
Day Dreams 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Deadly Sins: Envy (11/2008) 12/17/08Turner, Rev. Glenn
Deadly Sins: Gluttony (11/2008) 12/17/08Turner, Rev. Glenn
Deadly Sins: Greed (11/2008) 12/17/08Turner, Rev. Glenn
Deadly Sins: Sloth (11/2008) 12/17/08Turner, Rev. Glenn
Deadly Sins: Wrath (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Death 12/30/10Davie, FLLife Passages: Death
Death (2014) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Life Passages: Death
Death and Dying: Six Session Series (2016) 08/19/16Eugene, OR (Wootan, Kimberly; Loescher, Dick)Life
Deciding to Have or Not to Have Children 11/11/16Boston, MA, Sanctuary
Deep Roots and Hidden History 01/25/13UUHHSWitness
Deep Sharing 11/11/16Durham, NC, Eno River (Silling, S. Marc)
Determining the Future (2/2009) 02/16/09Zidowecki, Rev. HelenCongregation
Difficult Decisions (2011) 03/15/11Eugene, OR
Discernment 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Discernment 10/01/14Devon, PA
Discovering Your Gifts 10/01/14Devon, PA
Do Angels Exist 03/01/11Leominster, MA (Suchocki Brown, Rev. Susan)
Do You Believe in the Concept of Karma? 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Do you believe survival is being threatened? 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Do You Believe You Have a Destiny? 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Do You Belong or Do You Feel Abandon: Part I Do you Belong? (5/2009) 06/02/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Do You Belong or Do You Feel Abandon: Part II Do You Feel Abandon? (5/2009) 06/02/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Do You Think This Life is All There Is? 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Doing It Differently 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Doing the Right Thing (April 2016) 04/19/16Hillsboro, OR (Warrior, Kathryn)Witness
Dreams 08/14/15Athens, GA (Hansen, Angi)Personal
Dreams (July 2015) 02/05/16Vero Beach, FL (Sehlton, Bonnie; Sutton, Jan)Personal
Duty LaCrosse, WI (Haines, Red)
Empathy (11/2009) 12/13/09Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt; Thompson, Linda)
Empowerment (2013) 01/25/13Eugene, OR
Empty Chair: Intimacy and Ultimacy in Small Group 06/07/12Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)Groups
Encounters With Diversity 03/15/11Eugene, OR
Ending 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)Groups
Ending and Beginning (2013) 04/02/13Eugene, ORGroups
Ending and Leave-Taking (4/2009) 05/10/09Eugene, OR
Ending and Starting/Evaluation (Mar. 2016) 04/19/16Eugene, ORGroups
Engaging Our Theological Diversity (Based on Commission on Appraisal report.) 03/01/11Freeman, Rev. Amy BowdenBeliefs
Enlightenment in Winter 11/09/15Devon, PA (from session from Durham, NC)Personal: Seasonal
Escapes (11/2008) 12/17/08Turner, Rev. Glenn
Ethical Eating (2012 04/03/12Devon, PAWitness
Eulogize Me Now 09/08/14Devon, PALife Passages: Death
Everything Is A Miracle (9/2013) 11/26/13Portland, ME/Allen Ave. (Katrina VanBrugh)
Evil in the World (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Evil Is Good in Conflict (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Evil: Coping With Evil 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Evolution and Religion (2009) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Hobbs, Ginger)
Evolution of Our Images of God (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)Beliefs: God
Expectations 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Experiencing Awe and Wonder (2013) 02/02/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Experiencing Your Vocation (2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Exploring Gandhi's Non-Violence (2007) 03/01/11Lutherville, MD (Michelle Collins)
Extended Family (2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Facilitator Support (2002) 04/20/09Ijams, LucySGM Leadership
Facing Challenges (2015) 02/22/15Eugene, ORPersonal
Facing Challenges (8/2008) 03/01/11SGM Institute, The Mountain
Failure 06/07/12Baton Rouge, LA (Dorroh, Bob)
Failure Is Impossible (3 sessions, GA 2012) 07/01/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenWitness
Failure/Success 08/05/14Devon, PA
Faith 12/30/10Davie, FL
Faith 12/11/15Eugene, ORBeliefs: Faith
Faith and Commitment 12/30/10Davie, FL
Faith In Action (2009) 04/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenWitness
Family 08/05/14Devon, PA
Family 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Farewell (and Evaluations) (3.2012) 03/03/12Eugene, ORGroups
Fathers 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Fear 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Fear (2/2005) 03/01/11Atlanta, GA, North Atlanta Metro (Odom, Patty)
Fear (Adapted from Calvin Dame 2004) 09/08/14Devon, PA
Fear (Dec. 2016) 12/04/16Athens, GA (Jarrett, Dr. David)
Fear of a Name (on Death & Loss) (2012) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Fear of Fear 10/04/11Santa Rosa, CA (Wilson, Peter)
Fears (2014) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Personal
Feeling Safe 03/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenRE
Feelings about the Religious Right 12/09/14Devon, PABeliefs: Religious Right
Feelings About Terrorism, War, Government Process 04/21/14Devon, PAWitness
Finding & Bringing Joy (2013) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Finding a Footing in a Deeply Divided Nation (Nov. 2016) 02/11/17Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Times
Finding Balance. Living with Polarities. Creating and Destroying (2010) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Finding Balance. Living with Polarities. Holding On and Letting Go (2010) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Finding Balance. Living with Polarities. Individuality and Community (2010) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Finding Balance. Living With Polarities. Tradition and Innovation (2010) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Finding Balance.Living with Polarities. Acceptance and Challenge (2010) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Finding Balance.Living with Polarities. Freedom and Accountability (2010) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Finding Balance.Living with Polarities. Getting Acquainted (Oct. 2009) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Finding Balance.Living With Polarities. Leading and Following (2010) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Finding Balance.Living with Polarities. Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello (2010) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Finding Faith as a Unitarian Universalist 10/06/15Alton, Il (Timpe, Jennifer)Beliefs: UU
Finding Something to Give Us the Impression We Exist (Nov. 2016) 12/04/16Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Personal
Finding the Silver Lining (8/2009) 08/23/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Finding_Balance.Living with Polarities. Faith and Doubt (2010) 12/30/10Eugene, OR
Five Smooth Stones (James Luther Adams -5 sessions) (2013) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Flowers In Our Lives (May 2016) 05/25/16Augusta, ME (Zidowecki, Rev. Helen)Personal
Follies of Ignorant Arrogance (4/2009) 08/23/09Clemson, SC (Grady, Joni)
Following Your Authentic Self (Or Not) (2012) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Food for the Journey 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)
Food. Stony Brook (2013) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Exploration
Forgiveness 12/30/10Davie, FL
Forgiveness 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Forgiveness ( 2009) 12/30/10Palatine, IL (Weprin, Janeane)
Forgiveness (2010) 12/30/10Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Forgiveness (8/2008) 03/01/11SGM Institute, The Mountain
Forgiveness (May 2016) 11/11/16Boston, MA, Sanctuary
Freedom & Responsibility (2013) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Friendship 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Friendship 04/21/14Devon, PA
Friendship (2012) 08/14/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
From America the Gutted (2013) 04/02/13Reading, MA; Kohn, Brian Charleswitness
Games (2013) 02/22/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
Games People Plan (5/2009) 06/02/09Marysville, WA
Gender (2013) 02/22/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
Gender Equality Today (5.2013) 07/02/13LaCrosse, WI (Haines, Red and Diane)Witness
Generosity (1/2009) 02/16/09Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Geography Of Our Lives (2005) 11/10/14Devon, PALife
Gestation, Labor & Birth 02/22/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
Getting Acquainted, Program/Covenant Review (2015) 01/20/15Eugene, ORGroups
Getting Acquainted, SGM Program and Covenant Review (1/2011) 03/15/11Eugene, ORGroups
Getting Acquainted, SGM Program and Covenant Review (11/2008) 12/30/10Eugene, ORGroups
Getting Acquainted. SGM Program and Covenant Review (2013) 03/06/14Eugene, ORGroups
Getting Acquainted. SGM Program and Covenant Review (2016) 12/11/15Eugene, ORGroups
Getting Acquainted: SGM Program and Covenant Review (2013) 01/25/13Eugene, OR
Gifts for Teaching 03/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenRE
Gifts, Talents, Abilities and Skills (2014) 02/22/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Personal
Giving or Needing Generosity (2014) 04/21/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Global Living: An Interconnected World (3/2007) 03/01/11Lutherville, MD (Michelle Collins)
God 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Beliefs: God
God (2.2013) 05/18/13Philadelphia/Germantown, PABeliefs: God
God (Part 1 and 2) 12/30/10Davie, FLBeliefs: God
Gone Missing (Oct. 2015) 08/19/16LaCrosse, WI (Beckman, Phyllis)Life
Goodbye (May 2015) 01/02/16Eugene, ORGroups
Gossip (5/2005) 03/01/11Atlanta, GA, Metro (Sweeney, Kara)
Grace (2004) 08/05/14Devon, PA (McTigue, Rev. Kathleen; Papa, Rev. Stephan)
Gratitude 12/30/10Davie, FL
Gratitude 04/21/14Devon, PA
Gratitude (11.10.11) 01/12/12Hillsboro, OR (Warrior, Kathryn)
Gratitude (2014) 11/10/14Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)Life
Gratitude as Spiritual Practice 12/30/10Palatine, IL (San Jose, Albuquerque)
Grief, Loss and Acceptance 12/11/15Augusta, MELoss
Grieving to Acceptance 12/11/15Augusta, MEGrief
Growing Spiritually (1/2011) 03/15/11Eugene, ORBeliefs
Happiness 04/21/14Wilmington, DE (Norling, Parry)
Happiness (2011) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Bortz, Adam)
Having a Spiritual Practice (3.2011) 03/15/11Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Healing (Feb. 2016) 02/16/16Eugene, ORPersonal
Helping Others and Being Helped (2009) 12/30/10Baton Rougue, LA (Gray, Rhye)
Heroes (2012) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Personal
Heroes and Heroines (2013) 03/07/13Eugene, OR
Heterosexism (11/2009) 12/13/09Augusta, MEWelcoming Congregation
Holding On and Letting Go 12/30/10Davie, FL
Home 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Home (8/2008) 03/01/11SGM Institute, The Mountain
Home (Sept. 2016) (adaptation) 11/11/16Boston, MA, Sanctuary
Hope 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Hope (8/2008) 12/17/08SGM Institute, The Mountain
Hope.Surprised_by_Hope (2009) 12/30/10Cambirdge, MA (Small, Rev. Fred)
Hospitality 01/20/15Devon, PA
Hospitality 12/30/10Davie, FL
Hotel Earth and Global Warming (5/2005) 12/17/08Bowden, Peter
How Do We Do Church? (2/2009) 02/16/09Zidowecki, Rev. HelenCongregation
How Do You Begin? (Jan 2017) 02/11/17Lutherville, MD (Sinn, Robin)Personal
How Do You Find Peace Within Yourself 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
How Then Shall We Live (4 sessions) 06/07/12Barre, VT (Plumb, George)
How to Express Awe and Wonder (2009) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Hobbs, Ginger)
How We Are Named 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
How We Remember (on Death & Loss) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
How We're Called 04/21/14Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Human in God's Image or God in Human's Image? 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Humanism and Environmental Destruction (2010) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Hobbs, Ginger)Witness
Humanism and the Congregation’s Mission Statement (2010) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Bortz, Adam)Congregation
Humility (4/2009) 04/20/09Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Humor 12/17/08Schnectady, NY (Calabria, Frank)
Humor Sessions (4 sessions) (4.2011) 06/04/11Zidowecki, Rev. Helen
Hurricane Katrina Sessions (3 sessions) [Applicable to other disasters. ] (9/2005) 12/17/08Dame, CalvinSituations
I Want to Help BUT (3.2012) 03/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenWitness
Identity 08/05/14Devon, PA
If You Could Invite 3 People….. 12/13/09Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
If You Were to Win the Lottery…. 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn (Auburn, ME)
Immigration as a Moral Issue 05/01/12Iowa City, IO (Jepsen, David; Locher, Jan)Witness
Impermanence 12/30/10Davie, FL
Impermanence (Oct. 2015 11/11/16Boston, MA, Sanctuary
Importance of Myth 12/30/10Davie, FL
Individuality and Community 04/21/14Devon, PACongregation
Information Technology (2014) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Exploration
Inner Peace (2 sessions) 12/09/14Devon, PA (Seifert, Herb)Peace
Inspiration 12/30/10Davie, FL
Inspiration (1.2012) 02/01/12Eugene, OR
Interfaith Dialogue (2006) 12/09/14Devon, PA (Jarocha-Ernst, Rev. Virginia)Beliefs
Introduction and Right Relations (2009) 12/30/10Cambridge, MA (Blanchard, Tracy)
Introductions -- Our Spiritual Self-Portraits 12/17/08Lutherville, MD (Collins, Michelle)
Is Religion About What We Value? (2010) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Hobbs, Ginger)Beliefs
Is Should Ever a Good Word? (2011) 12/30/10Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Jesus 12/30/10Davie, FLBeliefs: Jesus
Jihad (2 sessions, 2015) 10/06/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Beliefs: Jihad
Joy (2013) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Personal
Joy of Being Alive (2013) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Justice (Feb. 2016) 02/16/16Eugene, ORWitness
Justice and Mercy (2010) 12/30/10Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Keeping Hope Alive 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Kindness: The Paradox of Kindness 01/02/16Iowa City, IA (Jepsen, David)Personal
Laughter (Aug. 1025) 02/05/16Vero Beach, FL (Sehlton, Bonnie; Sutton, Jan)Art
Learners All 03/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenRE
Learning from Failure 12/30/10Davie, FL
Leaving (2014) 02/22/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
Leaving (2008) 08/08/13Zidowecki, Rev. Helen (SGM Institute, The Mountain)Groups
Legacy (Sept. 2015) 02/05/16Vero Beach, FL (Sehlton, Bonnie; Sutton, Jan)Theme: Ancestry
Leisure (2012) 08/14/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
Lessons Learned from Adversity/in Triumph 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Let Us Now Praise Those Who Came Before 01/25/13UUHHSWitness
Letting Go 12/30/10Davie, FLTheme: Letting Go
Letting Go 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Theme: Letting Go
Letting Go 02/05/16Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Theme: Letting Go
Letting Go (2011) 08/14/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Theme: Letting Go
Letting Go (Oct. 2015) 12/11/15Augusta, METheme: Letting Go
Liberal Christianity 10/01/14Devon, PABeliefs: Christianity
Life and Death 10/01/14Devon, PALife Passages: Death
Life Changes (2/2011) 03/15/11Eugene, ORLife Passage
Life Lessons (2008) 08/23/09Baton Rouge, LA (Thompson, Bobby & MiJa)
Life Passages 10/01/14Devon, PALife Passages
Life Stages 1: Recalling Childhood (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. GlennMultigen.
Life Stages 2: Into Adulthood (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. GlennMultigen.
Life Stages 3:Into Our Own -- The Experience of Being (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. GlennMultigen.
Life Stages 4: Colors of Our Lives, The (2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. GlennMultigen.
Listening 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Listening (2012, Adapted from Turner, Glenn) 08/14/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Groups
Listening (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Lives of Meaning, Reverence and Depth (Nov. 2015) 12/11/15Eugene, OR
Living and Dying 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Life Passages
Living Deliberately (2008) 12/30/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)
Living Peace 02/22/15Eugene, ORPeace
Living Simply 12/30/10Davie, FL
Living With Uncertainty (2008) 12/30/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)
Living With Uncertainty (2013) 03/07/13Eugene, OR
Looking for Teachers (Rev. 2012) 03/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenRE
Loss (2014) 11/10/14Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)Life
Love (2008) 12/30/10Palatine, IL (Weprin, Janeane)
Love (2010) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Grimm, Michelle)
Love's Edge 04/21/14Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Love, Compassion and Empathy (2013) 01/25/13Eugene, OR
Love: Knowing Love (2015) 02/22/15Eugene, ORPersonal
Loving Kindness 12/30/10Davie, FL
Maintaining Self in Community (2.2012) 02/01/12Eugene, OR
Making A Living? Making a Life! (2/2009) 03/21/09Fairhaven, CT (Low, Bette)Economics
Making Peace with Unhappiness 12/13/09Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
Making/Maintaining Connections (2 sessions) 12/09/14Devon, PA (Hollister, Susan; Tiewater, Beth; Carroll, Lucy)Congregation
Marriage (3/2003) 12/17/08Atlanta, GA, Metro (Sweeney, Kara)
Meaning and Purpose in Life (1/2009) 03/21/09Eugene, OR
Meaning In Life 07/01/12Baton Rouge, LA (Dorroh, Bob)
Meaningful Meals 12/17/08Marysville, WA
Meeting Them Laughing -- On Resilience (2012) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Memory: The Glue That Holds Us Together 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Mentors 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Milestones.Family Milestones (2013) 03/06/14Eugene, OR
Milestones.Grief and Loss (2014) 03/06/14Eugene, OR
Milestones.Joy Milestones (2014) 03/06/14Eugene, OR
Milestones.Learning Milestones (2013) 03/06/14Eugene, OR
Milestones.Physical and Health Milestones (2014) 03/06/14Eugene, OR
Milestones.Religious or Spiritual Milestones (2013) 03/06/14Eugene, OR
Milestones.Resources Milestones (2014) 03/06/14Eugene, OR
Milestones: Giving and Receiving Milestones (2014) 04/21/14Eugene, OR
Milestones: Moving on Milestones (2014) 04/21/14Eugene, OR
Mindfulness (1.2013) 05/18/13Philadelphia/Germantown, PA
Minister 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Weprin, Janeane)
Ministry 12/30/10Davie, FL
Ministry (8/2009) 08/23/09SGM Institute, The Mountain
Ministry (9/2008) 12/17/08Wichita, KS (Smith. Del)
Missionary Evangelism 12/17/08Leominster, MA (Suchocki Brown, Rev. Susan)
Money 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Economics
Money (2003) 03/21/09Augusta, MEEconomics
Money Money Money 11/10/14Devon, PALife
Money--Friend or Foe? 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Weprin, Janeane)Economics
Mothers 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Moving (3.2011) 03/15/11Eugene, OR
Moving Beyond Ego 12/30/10Davie, FL
Multiculturalism 05/01/12Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt
Music (2015) 02/22/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Art: Music
Music (2014) 09/08/14LaCrosse, WI (Thomsen, Jan )Art: Music
My Music 12/17/08Marysville, WAArt: Music
My Musica Sacrae (5/2009) 06/02/09Marysville, WAArt: Music
My Relationship/Belief About God or a Power Beyond Myself 02/22/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Beliefs: God
Mystery (Apr. 2015) 12/04/16Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)
Mystery Journey packet (Jan. 2017) 02/11/17White Plains, NY (Garmon, Rev. Dr. Meredith)Personal
Nature and Spirituality 12/13/09Palatine, IL (Weprin, Janeane)
Neighbors, Building Bridges and Building Fences (2012) 02/01/12Eugene, OR
New Learning 01/20/15Eugene, ORLife
Now Comes the Mystery (9.2011) 11/26/13Portland, ME/Allen Ave. (Katrina VanBrugh)Life Passages: Death
Objectivism and Humanism (2011) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Grimm, Michelle)Beliefs: Humanism
On Being Awake 06/13/14Auburn, ME (Loupe, Caroline)
On Dabbling, Dithering, and Dilettantism 11/11/16Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
On Following Your Bliss (2/2005) 12/17/08San Francisco, CA (Schwichow, Stephen )
Once Upon a Time 12/17/08Marysville, WA
Once Upon a Time 12/13/09Marysville, WA (adapted, Turner, Rev. Glenn)
One Sentence, Just Six Words (2.2013) 07/02/13LaCrosse, WI (Haines, R)Witness
Open to the Sky of the Eternal (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Our Bodies, Ourselves 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Our Deep UU Souce 12/17/08Freeman, Rev. Amy Bowden
Our Group (2014) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Groups
Our Own Ministry (2011) 03/01/11Zidowecki, Rev. HelenCongregation
Our Parents, Ourselves 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Our Relationship with Death and Dying (2/2009) 03/21/09Eugene, OR
Our Relationship with Money (1/2009) 03/21/09Eugene, OREconomics
Our Relationship With Spiritual and Physical Practices (3/2009) 04/06/09Eugene, OR
Our Relationship with Work and Service (1/2009) 03/21/09Eugene, OR
Our Relationship With World Troubles (3/2009) 04/06/09Eugene, OR
Our Special Gifts and Talents (2013) 03/07/13Eugene, OR
Our Spiritual Beliefs (2006) 12/30/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)
Our Stories and Compassionate Communication 12/13/09Palatine, IL
Our UU Christian Roots 10/01/14Devon, PABeliefs: Christianity
Ourselves and Our Stories 09/22/13Palatine, IL
Paradox (2009) 12/30/10Cambridge, MA (Small, Rev. Fred)
Parenting 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Parenting
Parenting Adolescents (8 sessions) 06/21/11Augusta, ME (Fisk, Karen)Parenting
Past and Now 11/09/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Personal
Patience (12/2009) 12/13/09Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Patriotism 12/30/10Davie, FL
Peace and War 12/17/08Leominster, MA (Suchocki Brown, Rev. Susan)Witness
Peace of Mind: Believing in Something Beyond One's Self (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Peace of Mind: Cooperate with Life (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Peace of Mind: Cultivating Old Fashioned Virtues (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Peace of Mind: Live in the Present (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Peace of Mind: Lowering the Demands (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Peace of Mind: Reaching Out (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Peace of Mind: Self-Pity (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Peace of Mind: Shunning Suspician and Resentment (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Peace of Mind: Stop Fighting What You Cannot Change (1/2009) 01/14/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Peacemaking Concepts and Definition: Introduction (2007) 12/17/08UUA Commission on Social Witness (Morgan, Judy)Witness
Pedestals, Cracked or Not 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Peer Groups (5/2009) 08/23/09Clemson, SC (Grady, Les and Joni)
Perfect Day, A (2010) 02/01/11East Wenatchee, WA (Cullison, Kathleen; Williams, Vikki
Perseverance (2012) Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Personal
Personal Power (2 sessions) 12/09/14Devon, PAPersonal
Personal Risk Taking 02/22/15Devon, PA (Killoran, Rev. Maureen)Personal
Personal Spiritual/Religious/Philosophic Journey (2013) 01/25/13Eugene, OR
Personal Transformation (Oct. 2016) 02/11/17Lutherville, MD (Sinn, Robin)Personal
Perspective (2005) 11/10/14Devon, PALife
Pilgrimage (for last service before summer break) 12/17/08Freeman, Rev. Amy Bowden
Planning our After Death Service (2013) 09/08/14LaCrosse, WI (Taylor, Joyce)Life Passages: Death
Play 12/30/10Davie, FL
Play (Mar. 2016) 04/19/16Eugene, ORPersonal
Play Histories (2013) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Play: In Praise of Play 11/10/14Kennedy, Rev. M'Ellen
Play: Sacred Play 05/10/09Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Poetry (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. GlennArt: Poetry
Poetry and Its Value (2004) 08/05/14Devon, PAArt: Poetry
Political and Social Implications of Differing Conservative and Liberal Viewpoints on Human Nature (Jan. 2017) 02/11/17Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Times
Politics (2015) 02/22/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Witness
Porches and Decks 04/21/14Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Power of Beliefs, The (3/2005) 12/17/08Atlanta, GA, Metro (Sweeney, Kara)Beliefs
Power of Small Groups 04/21/14Devon, PAGroups
Praise (May 2016) 12/04/16Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)
Pray, Meditate, Contemplate (2009) 07/28/10Cambridge, MA (Blanchard, Tracy)Beliefs: Prayer
Prayer 04/21/14Devon, PABeliefs: Prayer
Prayer 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Beliefs: Prayer
Prayer 12/30/10Davie, FLBeliefs: Prayer
Prayer (11.2012) 05/18/13Philadelphia/Germantown, PABeliefs: Prayer
Prayer (2 sessions, 2004, 2005) 08/08/13Devon, PA (Papa, Rev. Stephan)Beliefs: Prayer
Prayer (2015) 02/22/15Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)Beliefs: Prayer
Pride (11/2008) 12/17/08Turner, Rev. Glenn
Privacy (2014) 11/10/14Providence, RI, First Unitarian (Stern, Roxanne)Life
Problems and Gifts (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Procrastination 12/13/09Newton, MA (Levitt, Betsy. From Turner, Glenn)
Progress? 06/13/14Devon, PA
Punishment 12/13/09Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
Purpose 09/06/09Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Purpose and Promise 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Groups
Quality of Your Daily Life, The (1/2007) 12/17/08Flint, MI (Wolski, Mary)
Question of Just War 12/30/10Davie, FL
Questions a the End of the Day. Part I 12/13/09Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
Questions at the End of the Day.Part II 12/13/09Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
Questions for a Welcoming Congregation 02/28/09Augusta, MEWelcoming Congregation
Race and Class 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Witness
Racism 08/05/14Devon, PAWitness
Racism (2003) 04/03/12Augusta, MEWitness
Radical Hospitality 03/03/12Freeman, Rev. Amy BowdenWitness
Radical Hospitality 04/03/12Devon, PAWitness
Radical Hospitality (3/2007) 03/03/12Lutherville, MD (Collins, Michelle)Witness
Radical Hospitality Series (Sessions 1-6) (2007) 03/03/12Stephens, JolindaWitness
Recapturing Childhood (May 2015) 02/05/16Vero Beach, FL (Sehlton, Bonnie; Sutton, Jan)Life Passages
Receiving With Grace (5.2011) 11/26/13Portland, ME/Allen Ave. (Katrina VanBrugh)
Regrets 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Regrets (2014) 02/22/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
Relationship with Our Bodies (2/2009) 03/21/09Eugene, OR
Relationship with Our Families (2/2009) 03/21/09Eugene, OR
Relaxation and Renewal 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Religion as a Crutch -- Humanism 12/17/08Leominster, MA (Suchocki Brown, Rev. Susan)Beliefs: Humanism
Religion/Spirituality and It's Development 06/13/14Devon, PA
Remember the Sabbath (1.2012) 02/01/12Barre, VT (Plumb, George)
Renewal (May 2015) 01/02/16Eugene, ORExploration
Repair (2013) 02/22/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
Repairing the World 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Reproductive Justice (3 sessions, GA 2012) 07/01/12Halperin, JessicaWitness
Resilience 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Resistance (Jan. 2016) 01/02/16Zidowecki, Rev. HelenTheme: Resistance
Respect 12/17/08Newport, RI
Responding to Violence (8/2008) 12/17/08SGM Institute, The MountainSituations
Responsibility: Self/Society 03/21/16Turner, Rev. GlennPersonal
Retreat and Renewal (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Revelation (12.2012) 05/18/13Philadelphia/Germantown, PABeliefs: Revelation
Risk Possibility 12/30/10Davie, FL
Risk Taking. Who Pays? (11. 2011) 11/15/11Turner, Rev. Glenn
Risking (2003) 04/21/14Devon, PA
Rites of Passage (2010) 12/30/10Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Rituals and Traditions (9/2006) 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Road Not Taken 12/30/10Davie, FL
Role of Myth, The (2011) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Hobbs, Ginger)
Rules for Living 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Sacred Places 06/13/14Devon, PA
Sacrifice and Martyrdom (2014) 04/21/14Marysville, WAWitness
Samplers: Chalice Circles 11/09/15Providence, RI, First Unitarian (Arellana, Ruth)Groups
Sanctuary Where All Hands Are Held 02/16/16Eugene, ORWitness
Saving and Savoring 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Saying Good-bye 10/06/15Bloominington, IN (Cauble, Doug and Taylor, Bob) also in Journal F 2014/W 2015Groups
Scarcity/Abundance (Nov. 2015) 02/05/16Vero Beach, FL (Sehlton, Bonnie; Sutton, Jan)Personal
Science and Spirituality 12/30/10Cambridge, MA (Blanchard, Tracy)
Security 11/10/14Marysville, WA (Mallory, Mike)Life
Seeking Circles (8 sessions, 2014) 09/08/14UU Animal MinistryWitness
Self Awareness (2008) 08/23/09Baton Rouge, LA (Thompson, Bobby & MiJa)
Self Esteem and External Judgments (2014) 11/11/16Boston, MA, Sanctuary
Self-Esteem (3/2005) 12/17/08Atlanta, GA, North Atlanta Metro (Odom, Patty)
Self-Pity 11/11/16Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
Self-Pity (June 2016) 11/11/16Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
September 11 Anniversary (9/2002, CGN) 09/06/09Oklahoma City, OK (Christian, Rev. Mark)Situations
September 11, 2001: That Day (9/2001) 09/06/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Service -- Living Our Beliefs (9/2006) 12/17/08Nantucket, MAWitness
Service.Cambridge.doc 07/28/10Cambridge, MA (Blanchard, Tracy)Witness
Service/Structure 04/21/14Devon, PAWitness
Serving Our World (5.2013) 04/02/13Eugene, ORWitness
Sexual Being/Human Wholeness 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Shame, Scorn and UUs (8/2009) 09/06/09Hastings-on-Hudson, NY (McLaughlin, Diggett)
Shared Ministry 04/21/14Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Shared Ministry (12.2010) 01/12/12Newport News, VA (Mary Elizabeth Cotton)Ministry
Sharing Our Ministry 04/21/14Devon, PACongregation
Siblings 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Silence 12/30/10Davie, FL
Silence 12/17/08Freeman, Rev. Amy Bowden
Silence (2 variations) 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Simple Truths 12/30/10Davie, FL
Simplicity (Jan. 2015) 12/04/16Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)
Simplify Busy Lives 04/21/14Devon, PA
Sin 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Slowing Down (Dec. 2010) 12/30/10Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Small Kindnesses 12/09/14Devon, PALife
Smorgasboard (May 2016) 08/19/16LaCrosse, WI (Haines, Diane)Session
Social Justice Passions (3.2012) 03/03/12Eugene, ORWitness
Social Responsibility (2009) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Hobbs, Ginger)Witness
Solitude 12/30/10Davie, FL
Solitude and Loneliness (2004) 08/05/14Devon, PA
Soul (2004) 08/05/14Devon, PA
Soul Work (2005) 11/10/14Devon, PA (Papa, Rev. Stephan)Witness
Soundtrack of Our Lives (8.2011) 11/26/13Portland, ME/Allen Ave. (Katrina VanBrugh)
Space to Sit,A (Nov. 2016) 02/11/17Lutherville, MD (Sinn, Robin)Times
Speaking Up For Yourself 10/06/15Alton, Il (Timpe, Jennifer)Personal
Special Moments in Educational Ministry 03/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenRE
Spiritual Disciplines (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Spiritual Experiences 12/17/08Freeman, Rev. Amy Bowden
Spiritual Exploration 01/20/15Eugene, ORBeliefs: Practice
Spiritual Growth 12/17/08Freeman, Rev. Amy Bowden
Spiritual Identity (Nov. 2015) 11/11/16Boston, MA, Sanctuary
Spiritual Practice 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Spirituality 12/30/10Davie, FL
Spirituality of Food (6 sessions, 2015) 10/06/15Hillsboro, OR (Houston, Jennifer)Personal: Food
Stepping Stones (2013) 04/03/13Raleigh, NC (Lux-Sullivan, Rev. Holly)
Stereotyping (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Stewardship (2005) 11/10/14Devon, PA (Siebeneich, Ursula; Jarocha-Ernst, Virginia)Life
Stewardship (4/2008) 12/17/08Durham, NC (Coan, LaVern)Witness
Stewardship. How Will We Love This World? (9/2009) 12/30/10Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Stories as Shared Ministry (Nov. 2016) 11/11/16Augusta, ME (Zidowecki, Rev. Helen)Theme: Story
Story (2014) 11/10/14Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)Theme: Story
Striking A Balance 12/30/10Davie, FL
Success (2003/2009) 02/16/09Augusta, ME (from Turner, Rev. Glenn)
Success (3.2011) 03/15/11Eugene, OR
Surrender (Feb. 2015) 12/04/16Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew)
Sustainability (Feb. 2016) 02/16/16Eugene, ORLife
Sweet Bird of Paradox (4/2005) 12/17/08Cherry Hill, NJ (Sager, JoAnn)
Take Care 02/22/15Devon, PAPersonal
Take Your Time (2004) (Edited from San Jose) 08/05/14Devon, PA (Hollister, Susan)
Taking a Stand (10.2011) 11/15/11Marietta, GA (Cobb, Mark)Witness
Taking Time to Think (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Technology as Tyranny 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Technology Overload (2006) 12/09/14Devon, PA (Hanson, Lynn; Papa, Rev. Stephan)Life
Ten Eternal Questions (Based in book by Zoe Sallis, Ten Eternal Questions) Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Thankfulness 11/09/15Devon, PAPersonal
That Blue Sky Day: 9/11 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Situations
The American Dream (2.2012) 06/07/12LaCrosse, WI (Haines, Diane )
The Arts (2013) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Art
The Bedrock of Your Being 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
The Blessing of Caring (4.2011) 11/15/11Edmonds, VA (Snow, Ellin)
The Destiny of Our Democracy --Post-Election Session (based on Bill Sinkord's statement, Nov. 3, 2004) 02/02/11Bowden, PeterWitness
The Divine 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain, from Albuquerque, NM)
The Good We Do (2010) 04/03/12Burlington, VT (Bortz, Adam)Witness
The Haunting Church (2006) 12/09/14Devon, PA (Jarocha-Ernst, Rev. Virginia)Beliefs
The Human Condition (2009) 12/30/10Cambridge, MA (Blanchard, Tracy)
The Kitchen Table 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
The Land Between (2015) 04/07/15Hillsboro, OR (Warrior, Kathryn; Conaway, Gary)Life
The Last Time (Sept. 2015) 08/19/16LaCrosse, WI (Haines, Diane )Life
The Laws of God; The Laws of Man 12/13/09Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn )
The Middle of the night 10/24/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
The Past and The Now (Oct. 2016) 11/11/16Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
The Purpose of Life Is….. 08/14/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)
The Resilient Spirit 04/21/14Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
The Seeds We Plant 11/26/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
The Task Is At The Center (8/2009) 08/23/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
The True Nature of Mourning (8/2009) 08/24/09Turner, Rev. GlennLife Passages
The Twins: Intimacy and Ultimacy (1.2014) 03/06/14Zidowecki, Rev. HelenGroups
The Work of Justice 02/22/15Eugene, ORWitness
Thinking About Ill Fortune 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn (Auburn, ME)
Thinking About Salvation 08/14/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Beliefs: Salvation
This I Believe 10/01/14Devon, PABeliefs
This I Believe (based on 1950's radio show by Edward R Morrow) ( 5/2008) 12/17/08Titusville, NJ
This is What I Think/Feel Is Spiritual 02/22/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Beliefs
This is Your life (2008) 08/23/09Baton Rouge, LA (Thompson, Bobby & MiJa)
Those Who Touched Our lives 12/13/09Palatine, IL
Three UU Ways to Talk About God (10/2009) 12/13/09Germantown, MD (Hunter, Linda)
Through Life's Stages (11/2007) 02/28/09NNE DistrictWelcoming Congregation
Time Flies (2.2005) 12/17/08Kennebunk, ME (Sally Keene)
Time to Commit (UU World article) 12/17/08Dingus, JerryWitness
To Live Deliberately (9/2006) 12/17/08Providence, RI, First Unitarian (Arellana, Ruth)
To Meet My Heart's Yearning 08/08/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
Today's Journey (2/2009) 08/23/09SGM Institute, The Mountain
Together in Exploration (2/2009) 03/21/09Santa Rosa, CA (Fox, Marie L.)
Trailblazers 01/25/13UUHHSWitness
Transformation (2010) 12/30/10Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Transformation (2013) 03/07/13Eugene, OR
Transience v. Immortality 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Transitions (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Transitions in Religious/Congregational Leadership 02/27/16Zidowecki, Rev. HelenCongregation
Travel (9/2008) 12/17/08Marysville, WA
Travel (2014) 04/07/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Exploration
Travel: Perception Shift (2014) 06/13/14Charlottesville, VA (Wallace, Laura)
Trust 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Weprin, Janeane)
Trust 02/16/09Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson, Rev. Maj-Britt)
Truth 12/17/08Newport, RI (Peresta, Bill)
Truth and Honesty 01/20/15Eugene, ORValues
Truths We Cannot Prove 10/01/14Devon, PA (Papa, Rev. Stephan)
Understanding Differences (2012) 02/01/12Eugene, OR
Unforgiveable? 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Unitarian Universalism 06/13/14Devon, PABeliefs: UU
Unitarian Universalist Jokes 12/30/10Fairhaven, CT (Lowe, Bette)
UU Principles 1 Inerent Worth and Dignity 12/17/08Leominster, MA (Suchocki Brown, Rev. Susan)Principles
UU Principles: 1-7 UU Principles (7 sessions) 09/08/14Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain, adapted from Titusville, NJ)Principles
UU Principles: Principles and Parenting (12 sessions, 2012) 11/11/12Augusta, ME (Zidowecki, Rev. Helen)Parenting, Principles
UU Principles: 1 First Principle Project, SGM Guide 09/08/14First Principle ProjectPrinciples
UU Principles: 1 Worth and Dignity of Every Person 12/17/08Newport, RIPrinciples
UU Principles: 1-7 Exploration of UU Values in Small Groups (7 sessions, 3/2005) 12/17/08Titusville, NJ (Morgan, Judy and Hughes, David)Principles
UU Principles: 1-7 Principles (7 Sessions, 2007) 09/08/14Devon, PAPrinciples
UU Principles: 5 Right of Conscience and the Democratic Process (11/2002) 05/10/09Hurlbut, WilliamPrinciples
UU Principles: 5 Uus and the Democratic Process (2013) 09/08/14LaCrosse, WI (Thomson, Kathleen)Principles
UU Principles: 8th Principle 06/09/13Asheville, NC (Fleming, Ben)Principles
UU Principles: Our Principles 12/11/15Eugene, ORPrinciples
UU Views of Jesus 10/01/14Devon, PABeliefs: Jesus
Violence, Fear and War 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain, adapted from San Jose)
Virtues of Peace(12 sessions, 10.2011) 01/12/12Kansas City, MO (Brooks, Rev. Jennifer; Goetz, Peter)
Vision for Lifespan Faith Development 03/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenRE
Voluntary Risk of Bodily Harm (1/2009) 08/23/09Clemson, SC (Grady, Les)
Waiting for Hope (2012) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
Welcome New Members (2003) 06/13/14Devon, PAGroups
Welcome the Stranger 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)Witness
Welcoming as Spiritual Practice (Chandler, David) 02/28/09NNE District (Chandler, Rev. David)Welcoming Congregation
Welcoming New Members: Hopes and Gifts 12/13/09Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain. Adapted from San Jose)Groups
What About God 10/01/14Devon, PABeliefs: God
What Am I Willing to Notice in My World? (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
What Courage Looks Like (2013) 03/06/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)Witness
What Do I Believe About Others? (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
What Do We Really Have to Offer? Everything (2013) 04/02/13Reading, MA; Kohn, Brian Charles
What Do You Want (12/2009) 01/01/10Media, PA (Huff, Marilyn)
What Do You Want -- Longings, Hopes, Dreams (2012) 02/01/12Eugene, OR
What Has Life Taught You So Far? 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
What I Believe About Human Nature (2015) (Double session) 04/07/15Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Beliefs: Human Nature
What I believe About the Soul, the Self, and the Spirit 12/09/14Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn)Beliefs
What is Enough? (2005) 11/10/14Devon, PA (Hanson, Lynn)Life
What Is My Faith In the Future? (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
What is Sacred? 09/22/13Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan (Cohasset, MA)
What is Your Center? 04/21/14Collins, Rev. Michelle (Wilmington, DE)
What is Your Concept of God? 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)Beliefs: God
What is Your Identity? 02/28/09NNE DistrictWelcoming Congregation
What Is Your Moral Code: Right and Wrong 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
What Is Your True Nature? (4.2013) 07/02/13LaCrosse, WI (Haines, Diane )
What It Means To Serve 01/01/10Palatine, IL (Matz, Stephanie Certain)Witness
What Makes a Ministry Strong? (4/2009) 04/20/09Augusta, MECongregation
What Part Do Traditions Plan in Your Live? 12/17/08Leominster, MA (Suchocki Brown, Rev. Susan)
What We Love (2008) 12/30/10Palatine, IL (Augusta, ME)
What Will You Do Today? (6.2011) 11/26/13Portland, ME/Allen Ave. (Katrina VanBrugh)
What words of wisdom would you pass on? 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
What's In a Name (2/2009) 02/16/09Zidowecki, Rev. HelenCongregation
What's Your Dream? (Dall 2011) 08/05/11Columbus, IN (McCarty, Rev. Dennis)
When Things Fall Apart (2012) 02/01/12Eugene, OR
Where Do We Go From Here? (4/2009) 04/20/09Ijams, Lucy
Where We Came From 12/13/09Palatine, IL
Where We Live (3 sessions) 06/09/13Augusta, ME (Zidowecki, Rev. Helen)Multigen.
Who Am I (2011) 08/14/15Stony Brook, NY (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)Personal
Who Are We? What Are We Becoming? (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
Who Do You Most Admire 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Who Is Jesus to You? (Based on book Teacher, Guide, Companion, Skinner) (5/2005) Bowden, PeterBeliefs: Jesus
Who Owns Religious Education 03/03/12Zidowecki, Rev. HelenRE
Who's Keeping Score? 01/01/10Bremerton, WA (Rev. Liz Stevens)
Why Are You a UU? 12/30/10Palatine, IL (Simonsen, Peggy)
Why Attend Church (Sept. 2016) 02/11/17Lutherville, MD (Sinn, Robin)Congregation
Why Be A Welcoming Congregation? 02/28/09NNE DistrictWelcoming Congregation
Will Creation for Parents of Young Children 02/05/16Athens, GALife Passage
Wisdom of the Hands 02/05/16Palo Alto, CA (Morganstern, Rev. Amy Zucker)Life
Women of the South 01/25/13UUHHS
Women of the West 01/25/13UUHHS
Worship (9/2006) 12/13/09Turner, Rev. Glenn
You and Welcoming Congregation 02/28/09NNE DistrictWelcoming Congregation