10 Things They Never Told You About Being A Facilitator Cooke, Peter/Media, PAJ 2012 FaLeadership
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A Covenant Group Success Story Vero Beach, FL/Shelton, Bonnie; Sutton, JenJ 2015 F/2016 W
A New Paradigm for Social Justice Work Colorado Springs, CO/Clemmensen, KarenJ 2015 F/2016 W
A Recommendation for Small Group Ministry Core Structure UUSGMN/Gero, AnnCGN 2015 5Groups
A Terrapinian (Slow and Easy) Start Up New Orleans, LA/VanderWelle, Rev. JimCGN 2013.11-12Programming
Alternatives to Leaders Meetings in a Covenant Group Program Baton Rouge, LA/Boudreaux, KristieCGN 2014.1-2Leadership
And the East German Judge Gives Her a 4.7 Klitzer, Carol/Manhasset, NYQ 2011 WiLeadership
Announcing the UU SGM Network Dame, Rev. Calvin/Manchester, MEQ 2004 SuSGMN
Answer Challenges to SGM Model Dorroh, DianaCGN 2011.10SGM
Are You Guilty of Being A UU? Bowden, Peter/Newport, RICGN 2004.8SGM
Attendance Fluctuations Zidowecki, Rev. HelenCGN 2013.1-2Oversight
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Basic Elements of UU Small Group Ministry UUSGMNbk 2008SGM
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Behind the Scenes of Small Group Ministry Hollister, Susan/ Devon, PAQ 2008 Wi; bk 2008Overview
Beyond Getting Started GACGN 2003.10.15, 17/Ten YrsLongevity
Big Questions: Covenant Groups at UU Church of Arlington, VA McGee, Rev. Michael/Arlington, VAwebSessions
Birthing: My First Covenant Experience Asnes, Elizabeth/Stafford and Houston, TXQ 2012 SpSGM
Branches Covenant Groups at Unitarian Church Baton Rogue, LA/Kelly, DottieCGN 2014 5-6Groups
Brief History: The Roots of Covenant Groups Hill, Rev. Robert Hill/CCV Covenant Group SourcebookCCV 2000SGM
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Bringing Small Group Ministry Out Into the World Zidowecki, Rev. HelenJ 2015 S/2015 S
Broadening the Reach of Small Group Ministry Bloomington, IN/Backler, AlanCGN 2014 3-4World
Brochures: Creating a SGM Brochure Vero Beach, FL/Kersey, PeteCGN 2014 3-4Visibility
Brochures: Brochures for Small Group Ministry Bloomington, IN/Haynes,AnnCGN 2014.1-2Visibility
Budgeting for Small Group Ministry Dorroh, Diana/Baton Rouge, LAQ 2011 WiOversight
Building Community in Small Group Ministry Zidowecki, Rev. Helen/Litchfield, MEbk 2008Groups
Building My Credo, Living My Credo Mahony, Bill/Durham, NCQ 2011 SuOverview
Celebrate Covenant Groups and Chalice Circles Durham, NCCGN 2014 5-6Groups
Celebrating Our Tenth Year of Covenant Groups Buffalo, NY/Miles, ArleneJ 2013 SpCongregation
Chalice Circle Samplers Providence, RI/Eanet, MarilynJ 2015 F/2016 W
Chalice Circles Provide a Connection for Members and Guests Hattig, Sally/Ann Arbor,MIQ 2010 FaOverview
Changing Culture Through Small Group Ministry Newport, RI/Smith Mary AliceJ 2014 W/2015Overview
Children's Covenant Cronin, Kathy/Durham, NCJ 2012 FaSessions
Community Ministers Use Small Group Ministry Format for Regional Gathering Kennedy, Rev. M'ellen/ Bristol, VTQ 2008 SpMinisters
Congregational Benefits from a Successful Small Group Ministry Program Crump, Rev. Steve/Baton Rouge, LAQ 2009 SpSGM
Contingency Planning for Covenant Groups DeMerritt, J.P./Houston, TXQ 2006 Su; bk 2008Sessions
Coordinator's Role in Small Group Ministry,The Hollister, Susan/Devon, PAQ 2006 Fa; bk 2008Leadership
Covenant Circles at UU of Amado, AZ Amado, AZ/Harmer, JudyCGN 2015 2World
Covenant Circles in Action, Amado, AZ/Carmickle, LorettaCGN 2013.3-4Congregation
Covenant Group Jeopardy Christian, Rev. Mark/Oklahoma City, OKCGN 2001.1SGM
Covenant Group Ministry at Large Congregations Barrett, Elizabeth/Madison, WIQ 2005 Su; bk 2008Congregation
Covenant Group Ministry at Work Christian, Rev. Mark/Oklahoma City, OKCGN 2002.5.5Ministry
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Covenant Group Start-up Procedure: A Guideline for Religious Leaders CCVCCV 2000Programming
Covenant Group Work: A Spiritual Exercise to Heal, Transform, and Repair the World ThandekaCGN 2000.6.14Overview
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Covenant Groups in Service Agrella, Cathy/Ashville, NCQ 2010 FaService
Covenant Groups--The CLF Way Chadwick, Schera/ CLFQ 2006 SpCongregation
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Covenant Groups…What Are They? Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 1998.11.1; Ten Yrs.Groups
Creating Intentional MINISTRY in Small Group Ministry First Unitarian Church, San Jose, CAUUA web 2003 GA #2069Ministry
Creating Session Plans Zidowecki, Rev. Helen/Litchfield, ME, based on Dame, Rev. Calvinbk 2008Sessions
Creating Small Group Ministry Sessions Dame, Rev. Calvin/Manchester, MEQ 2005 WiSessions
Cultivating Reverence, Restraining Violence Kennedy, M'ellen/Starksboro, VTQ 2006 SpGroups
Decade of Small Group Ministry in Northern New England Zidowecki, Rev. Helen/Augusta, ME; Herbert, Peg/Concord, NHQ 2009 SuSGM
Deep Listening Newport News, VA/Cotton, Mary-ElizabethJ 2014 Sp/SuSessions
Deep UU Groups (Cleveland, OH) Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 1999.3.16Groups
Designing and Implementing Small Group Ministry Focus for Your Congregation. Comprehensive description: process, collaboration, the minister, the board, implementation team, coaches, facilitator training, time line. Includes SGM sessions along the way. Turner, Rev. GlennwebProgramming
Developing a Roadmap to Covenant Group Ministry, a Seven-Hour Workshop CCVCCV 2000Ministry
Developing Relational Ground Rules For Small Group Ministry Groups (Suggestions for Facilitators On) Kennedy, Rev. M'ellen/ Bristol, VTQ 2007 FaSession
Directed Check-In: Connecting Through Personal Sharing Hollister, Susan/Durham, NC; Trigeira, Christine/Escondido, CAQ 2010 WiSession
Document Your SGM History for the Future SGMNCGN 2013.1-2Programming
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Elements of Small Group Ministry (synopsis from book) Hill, Rev. Robert/The Complete Guide to Small Group MinistrywebSGM
Emerging Models of Small Group Ministry. Review of GA workshop. Harper, Rev. DanUUA web 2007SGM
Emerson Listening Circles Jordan, Susan; Ecklund, Vickie/Marietta, GAQ 2012 WiOverview
End of the Chalice Circles Year Bloomington, IN/Haynes, AnneCGN 2015 5Groups
End of the Year Program Evaluation Becker, Steve/Seattle, WAQ 2010 SpEvaluation
Engagement Groups: Bringing Forth the Future From the Past ThandekaCCV 2000Groups
Engaging In Service From a SGM Base Zidowecki, Rev. Helen/Litchfield, MEQ 2006 WiService
Enrichment Workshops. Bloomfield,Hills, MIwebGroups
Evaluating Small Group Ministry & Covenant Group Programs Bowden, Peter/Newport, RICGN 2006.5; bk2008Evaluation
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Evolution of Small Group Ministry (3 parts) Zidowecki, Rev. HelenCGN 2011.10, 11; 2012.2SGM
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Extra Grace or Care Required Dorroh, Diana/Baton Rouge, LACGN 2010.1Groups
Extra Grace Required Compositeweb 2008; bk2008Groups
Facilitator Training-- Some Ideas Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2000.4.25; Ten Yrs.Leadership
Facilitators Behavioral Covenant for SGMinistry at the UU Church in Meriden, CT Meriden, CTJ 2015 S/2015 S
Family Covenant Groups Krug, Susannah/Hillsboro, ORJ 2012 FaGroups
Finding the Heart of Small Group Ministry Blanchard, Tracy/Cambridge. MAQ 2011 SpProgramming
First Monday Night of the Month--Facilitator/Leadership Training Terry, Mary Ann/Charleston, SCQ 2009 WiLeadership
Focused Small Group Ministry variedCGN 2008.11.13Groups
From the Grassroots to the Skies Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2002.3.12SGM
From the Heart: A Chalice Circle Story Bloomington, IN/Rehrey, GeorgeCGN 2014 11Session
From the New President of the Small Group Ministry Network Dorroh, Diana/Baton Rouge, LAQ 2007 FaSGMN
Getting a Jump on Service With a Blue Frog Auction Waco, TXCGN 2004 MrService
Getting Started with Small Group Ministry Bowden, Peter/Newport, RIweb 2007; bk 2008Programming
Getting Through Crisis: Katrina Digiovanni, Gay/Lacombe, LACGN 2009.10Situations
Getting to Know You: The Prequel Wells, Rev. Judy; Fickelsen, Rev. Duane/Boiling Springs, PACGN 2000.4.3Sessions
Giving Life the Shape of justice: Small Group Ministry as Misional Religious Community Carrboro, NC/Hollister, Rev. Nathan AlanJ 2014 Sp/SuService
Going Deeper with Theme-Based Ministry Winnipeg, Canada/James, AndreaJ 2015 S/2015 S
Going Deeper! Zidowecki, Rev. Helen/Augusta, MEQ 2012 WiGroups
Good Blend, A: A Theme of the Month For Sunday Worship and SGM Cleary, Rev. Roddy O'Neil/Burlington, VTQ 2008 SpSessions
Good Method for Assigning Groups Kaplan, Simon/Durham, NCJ 2012 FaGroups
Group Covenants CompositewebSessions
Group Norms - A Summary Hanson, Heather Lynn/Manhasset, NYCGN 2000.5.5: Ten Yrs.Groups
Group-Splitting Experience, A Andersson, Lyssa, Lynn, MAQ 2008 FaGroups
Groups as Vital Parts of Congregations Seminar, Report Belfast, ME/Coe, SusanCGN 2014 7-8Groups
Growing Small Groups With Intro Sessions Deckman, Ingrid/Devon, PAQ 2011 SpSessions
Growth and Reasonable Spans of Care Bowden, Peter/Newport, RIweb 2005; bk 2008Groups
Growth Through Division: A Covenant Group Successfully Splits! Janules, Rev. Heatherm/Bethesda, MDQ 2008 Wi; bk 2008Groups
Guide to Small Group Ministry by Bob Hill (Book Review) Belfast, ME/Coe, SusanCGN 2014 3-4Overview
Guidelines for Small Group Ministry Lesson Plans Bowden, Peter/Newport, RIUUA webSessions
Healing and Transformation in Small Group Ministry Bloomington, IN/Haynes,Ann; Kennedy, Rev. Dr. M'ellenCGN 2014 11Overview
Healing and Transformation in Small Groups, conference report Hosted By UUCA Atlanta, GA/Seales, JessicaCGN 2015 2Overview
Healing Community ThandekaUUA webOverview
Healthy Small Groups Wilminton, DE/Collins, Rev. Michelle CollinsJ 2014 Sp/SuEvaluation
Hearing Each Other Is a Two-Way Street Bloomington, IN/Backler, AlanCGN 2013.9-10Sessions
Hearing Impairment: Guidelines for Covenant Groups UUSGMN, Boiling Springs/Gero, AnneCGN 2015 2Overview
History and Evolution Of Small Group Ministry Zidowecki, Rev. HelenJ 2015 F/2016 W
History of SGM at First Parish Church of Stow and Acton, MA Stow, MA/Farmer, ShirleyCGN 2015 5Programming
Holding the Vision of Small Group Ministry Bowden, Peter/Newport, RIQ 2006 Fa; bk2008Oversight
Hospitality: Two Fictional Conversations Bloomington, IN/Breeden-Ost, DeniseCGN 2014 7-8Sessions
How Often Should Your Covenant Groups Meet? Johnstone, Rev. Jonula/Oklahoma City, OKCGN 2004.6.9Groups
How SGM Has Fulfilled My Life Shatoff, Jeanie/Media, PACGN 2009.4Overview
How Small Group Ministry Enriches My Congregation Corboy, Cynthia/Devon, PAQ 2010 SpOverview
How To Handle Challenging Situations Eugene, ORCGN 2010.4,5,6Leadership
How to Host a Successful SGM Training Sessin Knoxville, TNQ 2010 SuLeadership
How to Increase Deep Sharing and Listening in Covenant Groups Part I Hawkins, Alicia/Albuquerque, NM; Hollister, Susan/Durham, NCQ 2012 WiSessions
How to Increase Deep Sharing and Listening in Covenant Groups Part II Hollister, Susan/Durham, NC; Hawkins, Alicia/Albuquerque, NMQ 2012 SpSessions
How to Increase Deep Sharing and Listening in Covenatn Groups, Part III Hawkins, Alicia/Albuquerque, NM; Hollister, Susan/Durham, NCQ 2012 SuSessions
How to Really Listen Berman, Peter/Harvard Business NewsQ 2012 WiSessions
How We Saved the Earth Orcutt, Nancy/Sarasota, FLQ 2005 FaService
Human Spiritual Growth Popenoe, Helen/Bethesda, MDQ 2010 WiOverview
Importance of Using I Statements In Our Small Group Ministry Terry, Mary Ann/Isle of Palms, SCQ 2008 Wi; bk 2008Sessions
In the Face of Grief Roshaven, Rev. Craig/Devon, PAQ 2010 SpGroups
Integrating Service Projects Into An Existing Program: A Success Story Tabor, Betsy and Katz, Lauren/ Unitarian Universalist Church of Portsmouth, NHQ 2007 Sp; bk 2008Service
Interview Between Rev. Marti Keller and Linda Serra Serra, Linda/Atlanta, GAQ 2011 SpOversight
Interview with Glenn Turner Bowden, Peter/Newport, RIweb, audioSGM
Interview with Rev. Bob Hill, An Dame, Rev. Calvin/Manchester, MEQ 2005 SuSGM
Invite Every New Member To Join a Small Ministry Group and Provide Growth and Strength for Your Church Dorroh, Diana/Baton Rouge, LAQ 2008 Wi; bk 2008Groups
Inviting People into Small Groups Alban Institute/Collison, Brooke B.J 2013 Sp
Inviting the Silence (Facilitator's Corner) Kennedy, M'ellen/Starksboro, VTQ 2005 WiSessions
Is It Time For A Small Group Ministry Conference In Your District? Hollister, Susan/Devon, PAQ 2008 SpSGMN
Is Your Group Too Polite? The Balance Between Safety and Risk Kennedy, M'ellen/Starksboro, VT ©Q 2004 FaSessions
Island of Calm in the Midst of Frenzy, An: Covenant Groups at General Assembly Barrett, Elizabeth/Madison, WIQ 2004 FaSGM
James Freeman Clarke and the Legacy of Small Group Ministry Johnson, Rev. Paul/Manhasset, NYQ 2011 SpSGM
Jumpstart Your Small Group Ministry (Part 1 and 2 Hawkins, Alicia/Albuquerque, NMQ 2009 Fa Q 2010 WiSGM
Keeping Small Group Ministry Programs Vital Lincoln, VT/Kennedy, Rev.Dr. M'ellen KennedyJ 2013 F/2014 WOverview
Key Success Factors for Your Small Group Ministry Program UU SGM Network/Dorroh, Diana (Facilitator's Manual)CGN 2013.5-6Programming
Language of Reverence, The Dame, Rev. Calvin/Manchester, MEQ 2006 Sp; bk 2008Sessions
Learning as Spiritual Practice Smith, Rev. Bret/Q 2011 SuLeadership
Learning by Training New Small Group Leaders at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA/Besse, SuzanneJ 2015 F/2016 W
Learning Deep Listening Skills: Beginning Strategies Boiling Springs, PA/Simpson, Rev. Aija; Gero, AnneJ 2015 S/2015 S
Lessons, Adaptations, Surprises Dame, Rev. Calvin/Augusta, MECGN 1999.12.15Sessions
Life of Small Group Ministries, The ThandekaUUA webSGM
Lifespan SGM Bowden, Peter/Newport, RIQ 2004 FaLifespan
Logos CompositewebOverview
Looking Outward Together Papa, Rev. Stephan/UUAQ 2009 SuMinisters
Making Friends Along the Way Gaynor, Laura/Seattle, WAQ 2009 SuGroups
Making SGM Available Dorroh, Diana; et alCGN 2010.10,11,12; 2011.1Overview
Making/Keeping Your Program Visible Hollister, Susan; Hirsch, Grace/UUSGMNCGN 2011.8Visibility
Marking Significant Group Events and Milestones Blooinington, IN/Backler, AlanJ 2014 W/2015Groups (also in SGM Directory
Meta-Church in the Northeast Turner, Rev. GlennCGN 1998.11.17; Ten Yrs.SGM
Mini-Covenant Groups Hawkins, Alicia/Albuquerque, NMQ 2008 FaGroups
Ministerial Involvement and Small Group Ministry Thompson, Linda/Chapel Hill, NCQ 2010 SpMinisters
Ministers: The Ultimate SGM Interview Question Bowden, Peter/Newport, RICGN 2004 No; bk 2008Ministers
Ministry Goals or Objectives of Small Group Ministry Dorroh, DianaCGN 2010. 5Overview
Ministry in SGM, The Kennedy, M'ellen/Starksboro, VTQ 2005 FaMinistry
Ministry Objectives Dorroh, Diana; Neinwand, Nancy/Devon, PA: Zidowecki, Rev.Helen; Kellison, Kathy/Augusta, MECGN 2010.1, 2,3,4,5
Ministry Through Listening Osterman, Rev. Justin/Devon, PAQ 2010 SuSession
Minsiterial Search Committee as Covenant Group Kirkwood,MO/Lau, TedJ 2013 F/2014 WMinistry
Multi-Generational Small Group Ministry Chapel Hill, NC/Magaw, Rev. JimJ 2013 F/2014 WLifespan
My Experience As A Branches Facilitator Thompson, Bobby; Thompson, MiJa; Boudreaux, Ray/Baton Rouge, LACGN 2009.3,7,9Leadership
Myths: Fourth (No Response or Interchange During a SGM Session) Zidowecki, Rev. Helen; Carmickle, Loretta/Amada/CA; Rose, Evan/Los Alamos.CACGN 2012.4; 2012.6Sessions
Myths: Program Leadership and Facilitators' Meetings VariousCGN 2011.2012Leadership
New Paradigms in Lifespan Faith Development Forsyth-Vail, Gail; Strong, Elizabeth; Zidowecki, HelenUUA web 2003 GA #3034Lifespan
Newcomer Covenant Groups SGM Journal editorsJ 2012 FaGroups
News From Our Members: Fall Round Up compositeQ 2006 FaOverview
Newton SGM Program Holds True to Principles InnerConnectionsUUA web 2007Overview
Northeast District Survey Report Northeast District UUAwebOverview
Northeast District Survey Report Northeast DistrictCGN 2002.7.5SGM
On Holidays and Every Day, It's Relationships That Matter Dalzell, Michael/Titusville, NJQ 2011 WiOverview
On Preventing Facilitator Burnout Johnstone, Rev. Jonula/Oklahoma City, OKCGN 2009.2Leadership
On-Going or Time-Limited Groups -- Which Is Better? Grandstaff, Dan; Worthing, Caolyn/Durham, NCQ 2010 SpGroups
One Page Manual Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2000.10.25SGM
One to Three Session Covenant Groups Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2003.4.9Groups
Open Small Group Ministry Sessions Zidowecki, Rev.Helen; Kellison, Kathy/Augusta, MEQ 2008 FaGroups
Our Members Write About Service Project Success Stories Kennebunk, ME Southwest Ranches/FLQ 2006 Sp; bk 2008Service
Overview of Small Group Ministry (SGM), An Kennedy, M'ellenweb 2006Overview
Parting Zidowecki, Rev. HelenCGN 2014 5-6Groups
Practitioners' Summit Aligns Theory , Practice of Small Group Ministry Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2001.4.1
Praxis-Reflection Small Groups Piloted in Justworks Journey Keller, Rev. Marti/Decatur, GAQ 2006 WiService
Preparing to Experience Chattanooga, TN/Sapp, WendyJ 2012 FaLeadership
Preventing Facilitator Burnout Hawkins, Alicia, etal/Albuquerque, NMCGN 2009.1/book 2009Leadership
Publicize Your Program With a Small Group Ministry Webpage Hollister, Susan/Devon, PAQ 2007 Sp; bk2008Visibility
Putting the C-A-R-E in Extra-Care Needed Backer, Steve/Seattle, WAQ 2011 SpGroups
Questions VariedCGN 2009
Questions and Answers Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 1999.11.5
Questions: Sessions and Groups VariousCGN 2011, 1012
Questions: Success and Extra-Grace Required Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2000.11.30
Re-Vitalizing Small Group Ministry Richter, Rev. Priscilla/Schnectady, NYQ 2011 WiProgramming
Reaching Out Into Our Congregational History Hebert, Peggy/Concord, NHQ 2008 SpGroups
Recognition of Small Group Facilitators Bloomington, IN/Backler, AlanCGN 2014 5-6Leadership
Recruiting New Members for Your SGM Program Dame, Rev. Calvin/Manchester, MEQ 2004 Fa; bk 2008Visibility
Reflections On Maturing Small Group Ministry Programs Dame, Rev. Calvin/Augusta, MEQ 2007 Wi; bkProgramming
Reflections On My Covenant Group Experience Durham, NC/Schillin, CorinneCGN 2014 7-8Overview
Reflections on Ten Years of Participation in Covenant Group Ministry Buffalo, NY/ Battaglia, ChuckCGN 2015 5Overview
Regular Group Health Check Up For Maintaining Your Group's Vitality Kennedy, M'ellen/Burlington, VTQ 2006 FaEvaluation
Religious Education and SGM Zidowecki, Rev. Helen/Litchfield, MEQ 2004 SuLifespan
Reports from Ferry Beach 2005: Report from A District President; Report from a Reluctant Minister; Attendees Wagner, Ken/Marlborough, MA; Breeden, Rev. Bill/Bloomington, IN; Cobblah, Elizabeth/Maynard, MA; Lewton, Marcia/Port Townsend, WAQ 2005 Fa; Q 2006 SpSGMN
Resurrecting Small Group Ministry: A Story Unfolding Meridan, CT/Carlsson-Bull, Rev.Dr. JanJ 2013 F/2014 WProgramming
Resurrecting Small Group Ministry: The Story Continues Meridan, CT/Carlsson-Bull, Rev.Dr. JanJ 2014 Sp/SuOverview
Review, Renew, Recommit Nyman, Tonia/Baton Rouge.LACGN 2012.6Groups
Review/comments on CG at GA Baron, Erica/ Newton Center, MA Pullmian, Marv/ Manhattan Beach, CAQ 2006 SpSGM
Revitalize Your Congregation's Social Action Program With SGM! Dame, Rev. Calvin/.Manchester, MEQ 2006 WiService
Reviving SGM Programs Dame, CalvinCGN 2009.11Programming
Role for Drop In Groups Holt, Caolyn/Chapel Hill, NCQ 2009 FaGroups
Role of Confidentiality, The Bowden, Peter, Newport, RIweb 2004; bk 2008Sessions
Role of Group members in Small Group Ministry Tiewater, Beth/QuarterlyQ 2010 SuGroups
Role Play as a Training Tool Hollister, Susan/Durham, NCQ 2010 SuLeadership
Roots & Branches at Unitarina Church of Baton Rouge, LA Baton Rouge, LA/Kelly, Dottie; Wilson, JoannaJ 2014 W/2015Groups
Script for Fellowship Hour Small Group Bowden, Peter/Newport, RIwebSessions
Seeking Intimacy and Spiritual Growth Dame, Rev. Calvin/Augusta, MECGN 1999.7.20SGM
Semester Approach Helps People Overcome Fear to Change Covenant Groups Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2003.9; Ten Yrs.Groups
September 11 Remembered Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2002.9Situations
September Eleven Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2001.9.12, 13, 17Situations
September Eleven:Covenant Groups/SGM Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2001.10.16Situations
Service in Small Group Ministry Dame, Rev. Calvin/Augusta, MECGN 2002.8.21Service
Service Opportunities/Reflection for SGM SGMNSGMNService
Service Projects at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA Barrett, Elizabeth/Madison, WIQ 2005 SpService
Service Projects from A to Z! Bowden, Peter/Newport, RIQ 2005 Su; bk 2008Service
Service: An Essential Element of SGM Dame, Rev. Calvin/Manchester, MEQ 2005 Sp; bk2008Service
Session Plan Guidelines and Critique Zidowecki, Rev. HelenSGM with All Ages 2011Sessions
Seven Deadliest Sins of Small Group Ministry, Book Review Durham, NC/Hollister, SusanCGN 2014.1-2Oversight
Seven Thousand Ways to Listen: Staying Close to What is Sacred by Mark Nepo (Book Review) Boiling Springs, PA/Gero, AnnCGN 2015 2Sessions
SGM and Growth Haynes, Anne/Bloomington, INCGN 2009.10Overview
SGM and Growth (Series) Dorroh, Diana/UUSGMNCGN 2009. 8,9,11Overview
SGM at Lay-Led Congregations Cheverton, Sarah, et al/Harrisburg, VAQ 2012 SpCongregation
SGM Introductory Sessions at MLUC Devon, PA/Drummond, SueJ 2013 SpSessions
SGM Model and Myths (Groups Dissolve) UU SGM Network BoardQ 2011 FaGroups
SGM Notes from Congregations: Devon, PA and Groton, MA Devon, PA/Broberg, Pauline; Groton, MA/Moore, Kathryn EllisCGN 2014 11Overview
SGM-What We've Learned Gero, Anne, et al/Boiling Spring, PAQ 2012 SpEvaluation
SGM: A Requirement for Church Membership? Durall, Rev. MichaelQ 2010 FaGroups
Share the Wealth: Freeing Your Inner Facilitator Kennedy, M'ellen/Starksboro, VTQ 2004 SuLeadership
Shared Ministry Through Covenant Groups Barrett, Elizabeth/Madison, WIQ 2005 Fa; bk 2008Ministry
Sharing the Ministry Through SGM Carvill-Ziemer, Rev. Melissa/Kent, ONQ 2009 WiMinisters
Short-term Small Group Ministry Devon, PA/ Broberg,PaulineJ 2014 W/2015Groups
Show and Tell Vander Veen, Clause/Milwaukee, WICGN 2010.8Sessions
Show Instead of Tell Hollister, Susan/Durham, NCQ 2011 FaLeadership
Singing in Small Groups Rodriguez, Julia/San Jose, CACGN 2004.9Sessions
Small Group Ministry and Assessment: Supportive Partners Backler, Alan/Bloomington, INQ 2010 SuEvaluation
Small Group Ministry and Lifespan Faith Development Zidowecki, Rev. Helen/Litchfield, MEbk 2008Lifespan
Small Group Ministry At Interweave Convo 2007 Johnstone, JonaluQ 2007 WiSGM
Small Group Ministry at United Church of Christ Lake Zurich, IL/Matz, Stephanie CertainCGN 2014 7-8Overview
Small Group Ministry at UU Church in Eugene Loescher, Dick/Eugene. ORQ 2011 SuOverview
Small Group Ministry at UUs of the Cumberland Valley, Boiling Springs, PA/Gero, AnnCGN 2014 3-4Programming
Small Group Ministry Beyond the Congregation (about Rev. M'ellen Kennedy) UU SGM Network/Hollister, SusanCGN 2013.9-10Expanding SGM
Small Group Ministry Down Under Hill, Rev. RobertwebSGM
Small Group Ministry Evaluation Process Loescher, Richard/Eugene.ORCGN 2012.4Evaluation
Small Group Ministry Handbook Muder, Doug/Bedford, MAwebOverview
Small Group Ministry in a Community of Seniors Wilmington, DE/Collins, Rev. MichelleJ 2014 W/2015World
Small Group Ministry in Medium-Size Congregations Dame, Rev. Calvin/Manchester, MEQ 2005 SuCongregation
Small Group Ministry in Other Settings Zidowecki,Rev. Helen/Litchfield, MEbk 2008SGM
Small Group Ministry in Small Congregations Keller, Rev. Marti/Decatur, GAQ 2005 SuCongregation
Small Group Ministry in the New Millennium Dame, Rev. Calvin/Augusta, MECCV 2000SGM
Small Group Ministry In the Small Congregation Dwinell, Rev. Jane/Montpelier, VTQ 2006 SuCongregation
Small Group Ministry Magic for Ministers McPhetres, Rev. Deana/ Laconia, NHQ 2007 WiMinisters
Small Group Ministry Marketing 101 Davis, Ann/Easton, MDQ 2010 WiVisibility
Small Group Ministry Revolutionizes Lifespan Faith Development Zidowecki, Rev. Helen/Litchfield, MEQ 2005 WiLifespan
Small Group Ministry Seasonal Closure: Celebration, Reflection, Evaluation & Planning Meridan, CT/Carlsson-Bull, Rev.Dr. JanCGN 2014 5-6Groups
Small Group Ministry Service Ventures: Congregation and Community Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan, et al/Cohasset MAQ 2010 SpService
Small Group Ministry-The Launch and Four Years Later Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Jan/Cohasset, MAQ 2010 WiSGM
Small Group Ministry: A Living Covenant Meriden, CT/Carlsson-Bull, Rev. Dr. JanJ 2015 S/2015 S
Small Group Ministry: Universalism Morgan, Rev. JohnCGN 2000.2.29; 2000.3.13; 2000.3.22; Ten Yrs.SGM
Small Group Minsitry as Spiritual Practice, From Sermon This is Real Life Baton Rouge, LA/Ryan, Rev. NathanJ 2013 F/2014 WSessions
Small Groups for Children - A Covenant Durham, NC/Cronin, KathyJ 2012 FaLifespan, Covenant
Small Groups in the Free Church Smith, Rev. Dr. BrentCGN 1999,5,10; Ten Yrs.SGM
Small Groups Lend Support During Challenging Times InnerConnectionsUUA webSessions
Small Tasks, Big Ministry Bowden, Peter/Newport, RIQ 2005WiGroups
Social Justice Dorroh, Diana/Baton Rouge, LACGN 2008. 5/6Service
Soul Expansion, Made Personal Cullen, Noreen Palladino/Glastonbury, CTQ 2006 WiGroups
Southeast UU Ministers Create Circles of Trust Keller, Rev. Marti/Decatur, GAQ 2005 FaMinisters
Starting and Nurturing Covenant Groups Kennedy, M'ellen/Burlington, VTweb 2000Overview
Starting WellSprings Congregation with Small Group Ministry: An Interview with Rev. Ken Beldon Hollister, Susan/Devon, PAQ 2007 SpSGM
Sticky Groups: Small Groups That Work Wilmington, DE/ Pinson, PaulJ 2013 SpGroups
Stories from Covenant Group Leaders Serra, Linda/AtlantaCGN 2012.1Leadership
Stow and Acton Model of Small Group Ministry, The LeFlore, Walter/Stow, MAQ 2007 SpSGM
Strengthening Congregations Through Small Group Ministry House-Kelly, Laura/Devon, PAQ 2011 SuOverview
Successfully Run Programs Savage,Rev. Russ/Annapolis, MDQ 2009 FaOversight
Supporting Each Other Through Personal Loss AnonymousCGN 2010.5Groups
Supporting the Vision Caster Dorroh, Diana/Baton Rouge, LAQ 2007 Wi; bk 2008Ministers
Survey Hill, Rev. RobertCGN 2001.6.6SGM
Take That RisK Becker, Steve/Seattle, WAQ 2011 SuSessions
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