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Welcome to the UU Small Group Ministry Network. Our network is dedicated to creating healthy congregations and a vital Unitarian Universalist movement by supporting and promoting Small Group Ministry. We invite you to enjoy the resources on this site, subscribe to our Covenant Group News e-newsletter, and join us as a member. Members receive print copies of our journal, the SGM Journal. Online archives of the Journal and CGNews are available to all. Your membership makes our support of small group ministry and covenant groups possible.

News and Web Updates    July 5, 2019


Covenant Group News (CGN) http://www.smallgroupministry.net/cgnews/about.html is a free electronic newsletter published several times year. Content is based largely on articles from individuals and communities, with a focus on sharing experience and learning in Small Group/Covenant Groups. Send articles to office@smallgroupministry.net. Thank you for your contributions.

The Small Group Ministry (SGM) Journal is distributed to members of the UU SGM Network late summer. It captures capturing trends and themes that enhance Small Group Ministry in an ever-changing environment. This includes Small Group Ministry events and results of booth at the June General Assembly.

Small Group Ministry Network Facebook has over 260 members. This is an opportunity to ask questions, share your work with Small Group Ministry, and receive information for other participants.

The Website is usually updated about monthly to include session plans and other notations that have been received.

INQUIRIES: Send your inquiries and responses to inquiries of others to office@smallgroupministry.net.

Climate Change Session Plans: We would like to add to the two sessions that we have in our directory. Please let us 1) know if you have a session, or 2) send a session for posting or 3) let us know if you would like to join with someone to write a session.

Facilitating for short term groups: Response from Paris, France, was included in the June 2019 CGN


"Dynamic UU Literature" was available at the General Assembly Booth.
See the revised Small Group Sessions.
Change: Session plan titles on the Directory listing do not include the, a/an. This is consistent with the Online Resources directory.

Session Plans uploaded:

Starr King UU Church, Hayward, CA
Existentialism For Today? (2/2019) Beliefs: Existentialism
Rules for Being Human (6/2019) Beliefs: Spiritual Practice

Main Line Unitarian Church, Devon, PA
Wealth & Responsibility (6/2019) Witness: Wealth
Counting Blue Cars (6/2019 Beliefs: God
Getting to Know You (6/2019) Groups
Humorous Look at Religious Beliefs, A (6/2019) Beliefs: Religions
Create Session Plans: Devon (6/2019) (2 sessions) Sessions

Cascade UU Fellowship, East Wenatchee, WA
I'm In Love With My Car (5/2019) Personal
Values (2/2019) Beliefs: Values

Who is Involved With Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups?

This has been asked for over twenty years. See the following article from the GA Booth in Spokane gives an overview and will be a reference as we update resources on this website this summer. See "Who Is Involved with Small Group Ministry?"

Also see "Members Section is Now Open!" that provides members opportunity to connect with other members around common interests and evolving SGM. See Become a Network Member [LINK] and participate in this section.