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Welcome to the UU Small Group Ministry Network. Our network is dedicated to creating healthy congregations and a vital Unitarian Universalist movement by supporting and promoting Small Group Ministry. We invite you to enjoy the resources on this site, subscribe to our Covenant Group News e-newsletter, and join us as a member. Members receive print copies of our journal, the SGM Journal. Online archives of the Journal and CGNews are available to all. Your membership makes our support of small group ministry and covenant groups possible.

News and Web Updates    June 11, 2016

Get involved with the SGM Network
We invite active Network members to serve on our Board of Trustees.
Partner with the Network to support small group ministry programs in UU congregations.
This working Board manages membership, finances, resources, publications.
We work on training, partnering, consultating and mentoring for SGM programs.
What role would you like to play with the SGM Network?
What gifts and talents do you bring?
Talk to us at the GA Booth, or contact office@smallgroupministry.net about opportunities to help keep the SGM Network strong.


MEET US IN Columbus, Ohio - JUNE 22-26
General Assembly 2016 - UU Small Group Ministry Network Booth # 807
Staff the Booth Network members are invited to be Booth Assistants and Booth Volunteers. Information and application forms are below. Apply by June 10.
Meet, Greet, and Share The GA Booth is a great place for conversation and for meeting others interested in and involved with Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups. You are key to providing opportunities and enhancing SGM/CG in congregations and throughout Unitarian Universalism!
Resources from the Network will be on display and can be ordered at the Booth.

Join the UU Small Group Ministry Network
General Assembly - Columbus, OH - June 22-26

Talk about Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups, answer questions, cite SGM resources, and share your experiences with Booth visitors
GA Booth Assistants work in blocks of 2-4 hours, with modest reimbursement, are members of the UU SGM Network, and enthusiastic about sharing the Small Group Ministry model.
GA Booth Volunteers assist at the Booth in blocks of 1-2 hours, are Covenant Group members, dedicated to the SGM model, and knowledgeable about the UU SGM Network.
Booth Assistants and Volunteers will work with the Booth Coordinator, a member of the UU SGM Network Board.

To apply, respond to office@smallgroupministry.net by June 10, 2016.
• Position (one or both): Booth Assistant_____ Booth Volunteer_____
• Name/contact information (phone, e-mail address, congregational/membership connection).
• Your involvement with SGM/Covenant Groups
• Your interaction with the UU SGM Network, (working knowledge of the Network website and resources; your contributions, such as articles and session plans; and previous GA Booth or Small Group Ministry workshop experience.)


Covenant Group News is distributed to subscribers electronically in August, November, February, and May.

SGM Journal goes to UUSGM Network members in October/November and April/May, with a 3 month delay before being posted on the website.

The Website is updated monthly.

Participate in the SGM Facebook Group for ongoing updates and information.

The June 2016 Covenant Group News has been emailed and is now online. It contains the following articles, in addition to Network information:


  • Letter from the Editor
  • General Assembly 2016
  • Knoxville SGM Institute: Truly a Partnership!
  • Implementing Small Group Ministry Expands

The Spring / Summer Journal has been sent electronically and via mail to UU Small Group Ministry Network members. This edition includes:

Reflections On Covenant
The Role of the Minister in Small Group Ministry
Covenant Groups - A Gym For the Soul
Small Group Ministry Survey: Early Patterns Emerge
The Impact of Small Group Ministry on Ministers
Small Group Ministry Support
The Making of a Homegrown Small Group Ministry Institute


See the newly posted Sessions
Find new Celebration sessions here

Blessing, Newark, DE
Flowers In Our Lives, Augusta, ME
Books That have Inspired Us, Dayton, OH
Simplicity, Newark, DE

Spring, Turner, Rev. Glenn C41
Flower Communion, Augusta, ME

Do you have a session to share on any the upcoming celebrations?
Independence Day
Teltane/Lammas (Aug. 1)
Labor Day or Fall Equinox?

Send session plans to office@smallgroupministry.net
Thank you.

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